Are You A Stalker?

Nowadays it is so easy to keep tabs on a persons every move. Social media; facebook, twitter, instagram, pintrest, linkedin all leave trails that tell the public what you do, with who, when, why, how and give up so much information.

Many years ago there was a "fear" of big brother, and how he was gonna watch your every move but we don't need to watch you because you are posting your every move.


It's as if we want to be followed. I think deep down many of us feel that being followed and giving up our freedom is something that only the rich and famous get to experience. By putting all our private details out there maybe we feel as if we are also famous.

I have friends that post a status on facebook then spend the entire day looking at the comments and counting the likes. To me that is lame and sad.

What is it with wanting all the attention and validation?

Its as if you exist only for people to comment and like. One friend was bummed the entire day because she got no comments and very little likes on a new picture she put up.

I was never a very outgoing person. I worked as a bartender in NYC and I hated it. I hated faking like I like someone or trying to remember their name. It just didn't make sense to me. If you are someone of value I will remember your name without trying.

Are you a stalker? are you looking up that girls profile and pics and tweets and watching her every move? do you see what she is doing and who she is doing it with an get angry. if so you might be a stalker.

I hear stories of girls making up fake profiles to keep tabs on their boyfriend or use a fake profile to spy on someone. This is creepy to me and you might very well be a stalker.

When I was in NYC and tired of working at the bars and clubs I thought I might try being a professional escort for a big NYC escort agency. I ended up getting a job for a service in New York (347) 808-1725 and it was a lot of fun. What I liked most is it was very different from being a bartender watching the dating game play out in front of my eyes.

Now, I didn't have to pretend to remember you or like you I just had to enjoy the time spent with you. Its a lot easier to have fun when you are paid to have fun.

The great thing about NYC is there is so many thing to do and the pace is very fast. You wont hear about stalkers or validation seekers or any of that nonsense because the city is moving so fast and there are so many distractions.

A person literally has so many things to occupy their mind that they can easily move on to another person and so on and so on.